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Food, Foodstuffs, Soda, and Civilians

Wow, I just had 1 (one) conversation with 1 (one) friend and I feel like it just balanced out about a years’ worth of the influence of about everyone else I know.
She was talking about her new tendencies of diet, in particular her persuasion away from soda.  According to this friend, soda is to pancreatic cancer as cigarettes are to lung cancer and, again according to my friend, pancreatic cancer is perhaps the most deadly form of cancer, the symptoms of which one experiences only once it’s to late to treat.
This very same friend long ago quit smoking cigarettes, eats very little red meat, and etc. etc.

The amount of soda I’ve taken in in the past is ridiculous.  It’s been a running joke amongst my friends.  I’m like some cute loveable tv character with a severe, endearing, and deadly addiction to sugar.
To offer a bit of background, the way it appears to me is:  Historically, since around the age of 17-18 I’ve had little to no money and therefore have been unable to transport myself conveniently to actual grocers.  Instead I relied on say, the vending machine in the front hall at my first studio.  Soda (or “juice”) and candy or chips with barely a thought on actual food.  Even amongst my peers who weren’t savagely ravaged by the pre-packaged garbage that stocks the shelves of the vending machine, actual food was and continues to be rare.
Let me back up a bit.  If it comes in a package, it is not food.  It is food like substance or “foodstuffs.”  If it doesn’t grow from earth or water it isn’t food.  Again, it’s “foodstuffs.”
Yes “food like substances, it’s what’s been for dinner the past many years!” 
Even in loving homes made and kept by caring parents who truly have no priority above the safety and happiness of their children, actual food is sometimes entirely absent.
No, with an influx of legislation (largely from the American Legislative Exchange Council) aimed at basically outlawing the small farm and even family gardens, we are perhaps watching our freedom to choose actual food over food like substances disappear.
When I did a web search on ALEC. Small Farms, and junk, Alex Jones’ “Infowars” was all over the place.  I was careful to avoid those links.
Just the thought of congress toying with these ideas, and the hubris of doing so in the name of protecting the health of Americans reminds me of the elephant in the room.  The elephant in the room that’s been in the room since the before our records begin.  The elephant in the room that, if we don’t start to address is just going to go ahead with business as usual and that’s what ALL this mess is.  Business as usual.
This elephant, it has a name.  It’s name is Sociopath.

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